How To Solve a 4x4 Cube Beginners Guide PDF DOWNLOAD

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Size: A4 Page (210x297mm)
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We've created Print Friendly PDF that you can use whilst you are learning to solve the 4X4 Rubik's Cube.  

The instructions are on 2 x A4 pages and include comprehensive diagrams.

The instructions explains how to solve a 4x4 using the reduction method. You will need to know how to solve a 3x3 to do Part 3 of the solve. This tutorial assumes you already know how to solve a 3x3.

Parts Included:
1 - Solve the CENTERS
2 - Pair the EDGES
3 - Solve Parity

The Download link is available available after checkout is complete.  Download link is also emailed to you. 

Difficulty Level (0-6):

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