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F2L (First Two Layers)

To solve more efficiently you can solve a first layer corner and middle layer edge together rather than in two separate steps. This is called F2L which is short for First Two Layers.

This process is intuitive meaning you can figure it out through trail and error. 

The process is as follow:

  1. Move a corner and edge in the top layer if they are not already there.
  2. Pair the edge and corner together without disturbing other completed pairs.
  3. Insert the pair into the correct position (F2L Slot)

At a beginner level there are three cases for F2L

Case1: The corner and edge pair has two different colours facing up. This is the easiest case and can be paired and inserted in only three moves! (3 move insert.)

F2L Case 1- Easy


Case2: The corner and edge pair has the same colours facing up. In the picture orange is facing up for both the corner and edge.

F2L Case2


Case3: The corner has the white side facing up. 

F2L Case3

For all the cases above the algorithms used will not disturb any other parts of the first two layers.  You can pair and insert quicker depending on how many F2L slots you have completed and where the empty F2L slots are.  This process is intuitive and you will probably make mistakes along the way.  Be patient and have fun with this concept.


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I was so excited for f2l , thank u so much



These websites by speedcube are so good. youtube videos make no sense to me lol. but this has always helped me and now i can solve f2l




Quack Duck

Quack Duck

Yay now i m happy because f2l



i am so happy! finaly i can solve a 3×3 with f2l

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