Rubik's cube patterns on a 3x3

Have fun making these pretty patterns on a Rubik's cube.Did you know the Rubik's cube is also sometimes called a magic cube?

Making patterns can help you learn notation and memorise algorithms and help with motor skills.

All the algorithms below were performed with White on top and Green in front.

Checker Board Pattern

Algorithm: M2' E2' S2'

Checkerboard Rubik Cube Pattern

Cube in a cube Pattern

Algorithm: U' L' U' F' R2 B' R F U B2' U B' L U' F U R F'

Cube in a Cube Rubik cube pattern

Cross Pattern

Algorithm: R2 L' D F2 R' D' R' L U' D R D B2 R' U D2

Cross Rubik Cube Pattern

Anaconda (Small L) Cube Pattern

Algorithm: L U B' U' R L' B R' F B' D R D' F'

Anaconda Cube Pattern


Dot Pattern

Algorithm: E M' E' M'

Dot Rubik Cube Pattern

Superflip Pattern

Algorithm: U R2 F B R B2 R U2 L B2 R U' D' R2 F R' L B2 U2 F2

Superflip Rubik Cube Pattern
Fun Challenge:



Emilio Rodriguez

Emilio Rodriguez

This is soo cool you should make more patterns

super man

super man

Rubiks cubes are my kruptonite

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