DaYan Speedcube

DaYan brand ruled supreme within the speedcubing community for a number of years with the release of the ever popular Guhong and later Zhanchi (DaYan 5) edition speed cubes which dominated and were almost certainly the 'main' of many leading speedcubers around 2011 - 2015 including Felix Zemdegs who used the Zhanchi to break several formal world records .  After a  6 year long hiatus DaYan again released two new magnetic cubes in 2019 - namely the GuHong V3 M and the TengYun M - both of these cubes selling well.  The cubes are designed by Daqing Bao and manufactured in China and exported internationally.  DaYan is the pinyin of his name "大烟头" (Da Yan Tou).

The logo on Dayan cube uses the last character "".

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