1. How do I leave a review?

You can only leave reviews if you have received an email asking to review the products you purchased. These emails are send approximately 10-15 days after purchase and are only sent to a random subset of customers.

2. My GAN Cube is missing the tensioning tool

GAN has advised us that they removed the tension tool from all the 356 X products as people were breaking the GES nuts with them.  The photo below is from the GanCube website. You can use your hand to change the nuts.


3. My tracking say my parcel has been delivered,but I haven't received it

If a parcel has been scanned as delivered, but you have not received it, then Australia Post requires the receiver to lodge a missing item enquiry here ->  https://helpandsupport.auspost.com.au/s/missing-or-lost-item .  AusPost usually take a photo of where the parcel has been left.  The receiver may request to see this photo.

4. My 2x2 Corner broke

Broken Corners on a 2x2 occurs when the corner is twisted. Corner twisting is not normal use of the cube and can damage the cube.  As a general rule, Speedcube.com.au don’t accept returns or refund 2x2’s with a broken corner stalk. This is also stated on our refund policy page https://www.speedcube.com.au/pages/exchange-return-and-refund