Speedcube.com.au has thousands of verified product reviews which you can review to best understand how speed cubes are rated for attributes such as 'look and feel', 'stability' and overall performance.  We combine data from our own customer reviews with our sales data to determine the most popular speed cubes - so best is subjective to speedcubing manufacturers hitting the bullseye leaving our customers deeply satisfied with the best combination of excellent speedcubing design paired with high quality manufacturing and competitive pricing.  

What you think is your best speed cubes of 2021?   Also checkout our new published list: Best speed cubes of 2022

Five Best Speedcubes

1. YongJun (YJ) YuLong V2 M 3x3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Coming in at #1 is the YJ Yulong V2M.  This factory magnetised speed cube stands proud at our number one position as a result of having excellent overall speed cube, combined with great performance and a brilliant price.  This little gem is available in stickerless and stickered (black) versions and can satisfy the needs of beginners and pro's alike.  With this magnetic speed cube you are getting way more performance than your money deserves!

2.  MoFang JiaoShi RS3M 2020 3x3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

The RS3M has quickly proven itself as a favourite for those wanting a good performing magnetic speed cube at a budget price.  The new 2021 RS3M with MAGLEV technology speed cube is also quickly proving popular



3.  QiYi Warrior S 3x3 Stickerless Speed Cube

QiYi Warrior S Rubik's Cube

The QiYi Warrior S speed cube moves down a position in this update but remains super popular.  At only $8 AUD this is pound for pound the best entertainment money can buy and there really is no better Rubik's cube to start learning to solve.  The cube is stickerless with a beautiful and vivid colour scheme on a frosted plastic surface which makes solving and learning to solve a pleasure.  This budget Rubik's cube is also great option for schools and anyone who is wanting to create a community cubing club as the QiYi Warrior S comes in a nifty and well priced six pack.


4.  GAN 11 M Pro Magnetic Speed Cube

The new and super popular GAN 11 M Pro replaces the legendary GAN 356 XS at position #4 in this update.  Retailing between $94 through to $104 AUD you want to be sure you are getting value for money and this amazing speed cube somehow manages to best the GAN 356 XS and again demonstrates why GAN retains the crown for bringing innovation in speed cube design.  Reviews suggest that GAN has possibly created the perfect speed cube.  Have a look at the product description as this speed cube amazingly comes in four different variants - each bringing their own uniqueness to this cube. 

5.  QiYi MS Magnetic 3x3 Speedcube

Remaining at #5 is the MS Magnetic Speed cube from QiYi.  This cube has proven as a very popular budget cube which provides stacks of designs features and an unbelievably good speedcubing experience for less than $15 AUD - delivering incredible value and even more fun.